Edufinity helps to manage your school administration

Edufinity is a comprehensive school management tool that enables educational institutions to manage all their administrative requirements, including automated maintaining of student and teacher records, and generating reports as needed. Edufinity’s easy communication features allow for wider collaboration between schools, teachers and parents to improve student performance. Edufinity is available to use both in web app and mobile app version.

  • SIMPLE to integrate, FAST to install, EASY to use

  • Accessible anywhere anytime

  • Less paperwork for teachers,allowing more time for teaching learning

  • Parental access to their child’s progress and records

  • Integrated web-based system

  • Cost effective – saves both time and money

  • Customized to the needs of different types of educational insitutions

  • Onsite support


We give you a powerful interface that requires little training and ensures that work gets done faster.

Student Module

Multiyear record keeping system.Class-wise student details including personal and academic information

Teacher Module

Easy access to personal, professional and schedule information about teachers.

Parent Module

Separate portal for parents to monitor overall performance of their child.

Attendance Module

Simple and easy student registry. Student attendance on a daily basis.

Examination and Result Module

Flexible exam setting, separate marks and grading system setting for individual course.

Routine Module

Management of class schedule at anytime convenient.

Calendar Module

Easy and fast way of adding event informations and notification.

Assignment Module

Add assignments details for students to get notified and work on.

E-learning Module

Special feature for students to learn whenever and wherever.

All in one web based application beneficial for your school

Onsite Development & Support

Dedicated developer support all the time. Easy and prompt customization and updates with onsite development support.

Personalized, Role Based Access

Personalized access based on roles, ensuring that everyone can easily find what they need and only what they are authorized to.

Intuitive User Interface

Simple, easy and intuitive interface designed to suit even novice computer users.

Scalable & Modular Design

egular feature updates and customization of multiple modules.

Fast & Easy Implementation

Sign up and get instant access. No server and no installation required.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Everyone can focus on strategic tasks without having to worry.

Why you need Cloud Computing

Easy Access

Lesson plans, grades, notes, Power point slides just about anything digital that you use in teaching is easily uploaded and accessed anytime.


Cloud computing is now to the point of being a very stable technology that you can rely on.


Authentication is required to access(ID and Password,for example). If something happen to the technology at school, your content will still be available.

Going Paperless

The amount of photocopying is reduce significantly.Quizzes, tests,assignment all can be taken,scored,shared with student and parents, and stored.

Share ability

No more obtaining an extra thumb drive or burning another CD or DVD.


Unlike desktop version, you can access all the records from anywhere in the world.

Latest Updates of your child performance in your hand! Download the official edufinity app in your mobile.
Track, communicate, request, submit, clarify and even apply over mobile app.