Technology has been a HUGE part of everything these days, more than we think. Technology has made our lives easier in numerous ways that we can’t even keep count of. Most of the institutes have had a school management software incorporated in the system because they are aware of how easy it is to get the work done with school management software.

Here are some benefits schools get from school management software

  1. Parent-teacher communication: School management software takes the parent-teacher meeting to the whole new level. You can now communicate with your student’s parents from anywhere anytime at free of cost. School management software helps in reducing the communication gap between parents and teachers. With school management software, it also gets easier for teachers to contact the parents in case of an emergency.
  2. Easy tracking of student’s performances: With a school management software, schools can easily track the students’ grades, academic performances, and their overall achievements. The information stays in the servers for as long as you want.
  3. Attendance Tracking: Teachers can take attendance online. All the concerned authorities like the parents, admin and the teachers can view the attendance record of a particular student. Even students can track their attendance in each subject. It is simple to register. This can be viewed on a daily or a subject basis.
  4. Study Material Management: Teachers can share relevant class notes or reference materials with students online. Schools will no longer have to print out these materials. The files will remain in the portal for as long as the teachers want, for the future reference. Students can choose to either read these materials online or print them out.
  5. Fee management system: School management system tracks the due fee payment date. It notifies the parents instantly when it is time to pay the fee. This way, the parents can avoid the late fee fines and the school can receive the fee on time.
  6. Mobile app: Most of the school management system allows you access to the system via mobile apps. You can login to your portal from anywhere at anytime. You can also receive notifications for important matters in mobile apps.

Keeping this in mind, Himalayan Techies has come up with a school management software, Edufinity. Edufinity is a school management tool that enables educational institutions to manage their administrative requirements easily. Edufinity is simple to integrate and easy to use. Edufinity is a fully featured school management system with a great responsiveness and support.