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We help to manage your school administration

Edufinity is a comprehensive school management tool that enables educational institutions to manage all their administrative requirements, including automated maintaining of student and teacher records, and generating reports as needed. Edufinity’s easy communication features allow for wider collaboration between schools, teachers and parents to improve student performance.


Daily Attendance

Record your student’s attendance efficiently

Class Routine

Manage your class routine anytime you want to

Event Calender

Notify everyone regarding different events easily

Exam Routine

Create exam routines for everyone to see

Manage Marks

Add or edit marks of all subject in different terminal exams


Special feature for students to learn whenever and wherever


Allow your teacher to add assignments for students to view

View Results

Everyone can view their results easily from their devices

Letter Grading Marksheet

Generate automatically letter graded marksheet

Student Management

Add, edit and manage student’s information

Teacher Management

Add, edit and manage teacher’s information

Parents Management

Add, edit and manage parent’s information


Basic package 15,000 NPR/year

Professional package 20,000 NPR/year

Users Roles


The admin can look after every activity going on


The teachers can login and can add assignments, add marks and take attendance


The student can login to view assignments, events and results. They can also get access to online learning resources


The parents can login to view their child’s results and progress


How can we use Edufinity?2023-04-27T09:29:00+00:00

Edufinity has a web page as well as a mobile app which makes it easier for everyone in your school to use it. The teachers can use this to add attendance, give assignments, and create results. the students can use this to view assignments, events, as well as their results.

Who can use Edufinity?2023-04-27T09:21:15+00:00

Anyone in your school can use Edufinity from the teachers to the students.

What is Edufinity2023-04-27T09:18:39+00:00

Edufinity is a software which allows you to conduct all the administration activities in one place.